• Presentation on Disaster Risk Reduction in UNESCO

Speaker: Dr. Ai Sugiura (Programme Specialist, Science Policy and Capacity Building, UNESCO Jakarta)

  • Presentation on Why the Deeper Understanding is Important to Disaster Mitigation

Speaker: Simon Lim (Institute of Physics and ASGC, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

  • Presentation on The Recent Development of Tsunami Modelling and Early Warning

Speaker: Prof. Tso-Ren Wu (Graduate Institute of Hydrological and Oceanic Sciences, NCU, Taiwan)

  • Presentation on Current Status of Disaster Mitigation Collaboration

Speaker: Eric Yen

  • Presentation on International Flood Initiative

Speaker: Dr. Mamoru Miyamoto (Executive Manager of IFI secretariat ICHARM)

  • Presentation on Development of Grid-Based Precipitation Portal for Drought Study

Speaker: Dr. Sima Katiraie

  • Presentation on IOC-UNESCO role Global Coordination of Tsunami Early Warning and Mitigation System (TEWMS)

Speaker: Mr. Ardito Kodijat (Head of Indian Ocean Tsunami Information Centre (IOTIC) IOC-UNESCO)

  • Presentation on Hydroinformatics for Water Management in Thailand

Speaker: Dr. Veerachai Tanpipat (Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute)

  • Presentation on Combined Remote Sensing and Modelling Approach for Flood Response and Management in Pakistan

Speaker: Dr. Umair Rabbani (UNESCO Islamabad)

  • Presentation on New Initiatives taken for Flood Reduction and management after Super Flood of 2014 in River Chenab

Speaker: Habib Ullah Bodla (Punjab Irrigation Department, Pakistan)

  • Presentation on VISUS methodology – Visual inspection for defining the Safety Upgrading Strategeis for School Safety

Speaker: Mr. Ardito Kodijat (UNESCO Office Jakarta)

  • Presentation on Protecting Natural and Cultural Heritage from Climate Change

Speaker: Prof. Fang Chen (Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

  • Presentation on Demonstration of Tsunami and Storm Surge Modeling

Speaker: Dr. Yu-Lin Tsai (Graduate Institute of Hydrological and Oceanic Sciences, NCU, Taiwan)

  • Presentation on Development of Storm Surge Fast-Calculation Model and Case Study of Typhoon Haiyan

Speaker: Dr. Yu-Lin Tsai  (Graduate Institute of Hydrological and Oceanic Sciences, NCU, Taiwan)

  • Presentation on Quality Control on Observations from ASTI-Developed Weather Stations

Speaker: Mr. Jay Samuel Combinido (Advanced Science and Technology Institute, Philippines)

  • Presentation on Numerical Simulations of December 2014 Heavy Rainfall Event in East Coasts of Peninsular Malaysia using WRF Model

Speaker: Wan Maisarah Binti Wan Ibadullah

  • Presentation on Indonesia Forest Fire Case Study

Speaker: Dr. Basuki Suhardiman (Institute Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia)

  • Presentation on Wildland Fire, Smoke and Haze Control in Thailand

Speaker: Dr. Veerachai Tanpipat

  • Presentation on Disasters and Mitigation Approaches in Urban Areas-Case Study of Vietnam

Speaker: Prof. Tran Vu Pham (Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam)